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REBECCA + COLIN | Royal Oak Wedding

October 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The more weddings I shoot, the more emotional I get at them. Not only at them, but when I get to see their images for the first time as they're loading up on my computer the day after, I get to relive all those special moments again. When I narrow down which ones to edit and tweak, I get to relive that day again. When I finally get to look at a fully finished album and hear how happy the newlyweds are with their photos, you guessed it - I relive it all over again.

Rebecca and Colin's wedding was especially memorable for me. I remember Rebecca asking me a few weeks before their date if I had an availability that weekend. She mentioned there would only be a few family members and close friends there, and that they would be wed under a big willow in Colin's parent's backyard.

A simple timeline for the day, a simple plan. Laid back and relaxed. Really the only thing we needed to cooperate with us was the weather. Well Saturday comes around, and of course the forecast was 100% thunderstorms all day. 

Sometimes it storms, and it's not perfect, it's not ideal, but we have to find a way to get through it, and I think that is a lot like marriage. Sometimes everything isn't posed, planned or perfectly placed. Rebecca and Colin laughed at the rain and said, "Well, let's get married in the living room!" They just wanted to be married. It didn't matter if it was storming, if there was 500 people there, if their venue cost $50,000 - they just wanted to be be with each other. 

Not a single person all day said anything about the rain, because sometimes it just rains. Sometimes you go to your wedding both wearing your rings already, you climb dirty ladders to get a roof top view, find beautiful alleys covered in ivy, and even get to sing along with your closest friends and family during dinner. All of these made the Barr's wedding day perfectly imperfect. 

Couples like the Rebecca and Colin are truly the reason that I love photographing weddings. Seeing the sentimental, loving way they look at each other will leave you with butterflies and a grin on your face. Check out some of my favorite moments from their day below. <3




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