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SELLERS FAMILY | George George Memorial Park

June 27, 2016  •  1 Comment

Owen has to be hands down one of the happiest children I have ever gotten to work with. I mean just look at these photos people! I don't think I even saw a glimpse of a frown our entire shoot! This little man is a trooper, and (I think) should be a baby model! The best part - He totally knows he's a stud. Check out the second photo down, just look at that smirk. When I say "Owen smile!" it's like he's thinking "Yea right lady, I got this." 

I couldn't be happier to work with the Sellers. The joy and pride that Spenser and Maris take in being this little one's parents is awesome to see. I'm beyond happy that I got to spend some time with this oh so sweet family. Check out some of my favorite shots from our afternoon together!


Owen is the sweetest lil man. It's a joy watching him grow! He loves with his whole heart... Like his Mama and Daddy!
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