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EMILY + BRANDON | George George Memorial Park Engagement

July 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Emily and Brandon, where do I start? I always have so much fun with couples when I do engagement and wedding shoots, and theirs was no different. 

The original date that I had set with Emily to do their engagement photos ended up having 100% chance of thunderstorms. With it being wedding season, I was super bummed that we had to reschedule a few weeks out. At last, the day finally came for Emily and Brandon's engagement shoot. We headed over to my new favorite spot (George George Memorial Park) and of course the weather decided it would be 95 degrees with full sun. Naturally I was whinging (who likes to shoot in full sun), but they were ready to roll. 

When their shoot was over and I got to head home and pull up their photos, I couldn't stop laughing. Their love and excitement is so tangible in their photos I could hardly narrow it down to start editing. You can tell when Brandon had a smart comment to say that would make Emily burst out with laughter. You can't look at their photos and not catch yourself smiling back at them. Not to mention they both happen to be EMTs and brought their stethoscope to the shoot. I'm not sure if I loved that or Emily's Disney veil more. :)

Check out some of my favorite shots of Emily and Brandon's engagement shoot below!



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