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ENGAGED | Cassie + Max | George George Memorial Park Engagement

November 07, 2017  •  1 Comment

So I got to meet Max during Cassie and Max's engagement shoot at George George Memorial Park - Cassie on the other hand I have known for quiet sometime. What a better way to form a friendship than to ride the school bus together basically everyday growing up. We were the first ones on so of course we got the cool-kids-seats in the very back. Also, we had A LOT of talks - what songs to put on our mixed CDs so we could each use a headphone and listen to her walkman on the way to school, playing court on the bus and deciding which kids were guilty and would have to sit in the front of the bus (I didn't say we were innocent) and trying to figure out which one of us should get a boyfriend - just so we could get some candy on Valentine's Day to split.

Through all of our chats and crazy ideas, weddings were definitely never one of the topics. Hanging out with these two on a Friday night, I could tell choosing Max was one of the easiest choices she's made. Without even meeting these two, you can see how obvious their love and friendship for each other is. The way Max was literally cheesing ear to ear every time Cassie would twirl in that blue dress had me soooo swoon! 

Check out some of my favorites below from their George George Memorial Park engagement!


You’re amazing! We Love them all!!
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